Gold Open Access: Nowadays, this describes Open Access Publishing, whereby an author publishes an article in an open access journal that provides immediate free and full open access to all of its articles on the publisher’s website. These journals generate revenue by alternative mechanisms including collecting publication fees (i.e. Article Processing Charges - APCs) from authors, their funding bodies or their institutions and web advertising. Some traditional subscription journals offer a hybrid model whereby an author can pay a fee to make an article open access, but other content in the same journal is only accessible by subscription.


At Science2 (which is a nonprofit association), a new OA model has been set up. A peer-reviewed article published in Chemistry2 is subjected to a low APC of €500 (+VAT if applicable). The minimum portion possible of the APC will be used to maintain Science2 and Chemistry2. The great majority of the APC will be used to provide MSc, PhD and Postdoctoral Fellowships, as well as conference travel grants to excellent candidates from all over the world (see

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