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Ligand-induced symmetry breaking, size and morphology in colloidal lead sulfide QDs: from classic to thiourea precursors

Federica Bertolotti a,b, Andrew H. Proppe c, Dmitry N. Dirin d,e, Mengxia Liu c, Oleksandr Voznyy c, Antonio Cervellino f, Simon J.L. Billinge g,h, Maksym V. Kovalenko d,e, Edward H. Sargent c, Norberto Masciocchi b,i*, Antonietta Guagliardi b,l*

A pm-scale rhombohedral distortion of the rock-salt lattice is detected in colloidal PbS QDs by forefront X-ray total scattering methods, jointly to the displacement of the Pb sublattice, as much as in the paradigmatic alpha-GeTe case. Driven by the surface ligands, the lattice distortion matches a common size-dependent law, regardless of the synthetic approach. Locally distorted ferroelectric domains show a variable degree of linear correlation.


Ruthenium-based PACT compounds based on an N,S non-toxic ligand: a delicate balance between photoactivation and thermal stability

Jordi-Amat Cuello-Garibo a, Catriona C. James a, Maxime A. Siegler b, Sylvestre Bonnet a*

Three polypyridyl complexes with different levels of steric strain are synthesized that can photosubstitute a non-toxic aminothioether ligand. Their complex stereochemistry is characterized by a combination of spectroscopy and DFT calculations. The number of hindering groups has a crucial effect on the photochemistry and cytotoxicity of these complexes: too much strain leads to thermal activation, whereas no strain at all leads to no photoactivation in vitro. The compound with intermediate strain is a promising photoactivated chemotherapy prodrug.

Serving science through publishing

Guillem Aromí a, Patrick Gamez a,b, Leoní A. Barrios a, Jordi Ribas c, Boris Le Guennic d


Chem. Sq., 2017, 1, 1



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